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Let's Save You Time

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Imagine how much time and money you could save by couple of touches!

We Automate Workflows that Burns out Time

Big and small companies use Touchling to power employees to work smarter, save time and money.


Fast deployment 

With dozens of seasoned developers, we deploy any app and solutions for your business with unparalleled agility.


Paper to app

Lets go green! We transform your paperwork and forms into smart apps with advance features and latest technology. 

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All the tools you need


Empower your workforce with Safe Start, Daily Briefs, Toolbox talks, Record work activities, audio record, attach files or media, collect signatures and many more.

Auto filing system

Handling and filing paper it’s not only costly but also steals valuable time. We integrate workflows that eliminates or heavily reduces your paper consumption. Best of all, your electronic papers are now filed for you automatically.

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Auditor access

Give your auditor an access to cross check electronic paperwork for legal requirements.


Touchling provides the highest industry standards to help protect your information. All form data is stored on dedicated servers, encrypted by 256-bit SSL, PCI DSS Level I and HIPAA certified.
Lets Save You Time, 
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